About Guilty Pleasures

Let’s face it, the 21st century is not for the fainthearted – and we all need a release. 

That’s where Guilty Pleasures comes in: we’re taking back control and bringing back the fun. Leave your baggage in the cloakroom and get ready to worship at the altar of mind-blowingly awesome party bangers, at the greatest pop night the world has ever seen.

Guilty Pleasures is a true one-off. Immersive, unashamedly unapologetic and includes YOU in its quest to make your big night out great again. It’s a place where you can ditch the guilt and focus on the good, and revel in the pleasure of being part of something fabulous. Pop is a truly great thing and we should never feel ashamed.

Guilty Pleasures is a space where the spirit of Umbrella-era Rihanna downs shots with Whitney Houston, while Taylor Swift doesn’t stop moving to the funky funky beat with S Club 7 and Katy Perry loses her shit over the fact that Backstreet is back, alright? Not actually, but you know what we mean. Guys, we’re all in this together. So throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let that pop music course through your veins well into the night.

Yes, you’ll dance yourself silly and will be picking glitter out of every orifice for the foreseeable, but it’s not just about the pop. It’s about the confessional booth, where you can repent for your sins and love of the pop, down your holy vodka and continue on your merry way, absolved from whatever’s getting you down. But loving music isn’t a bad thing – so dance and get on it. Or stick in a request for your favourite pop song, and go mad when your jam oozes straight out of those speakers.

Like a passionate X Factor contestant, Guilty Pleasures really brings its A-game and gives 110%, every single night. The best DJs in the game? Tick. The sassiest performers, dancers and live bands? Tick. A stage filled to the brim with the greatest things your eyes will ever see? The biggest tick you’ve ever ticked off.

When Guilty Pleasures does karaoke, it’s pulling out the big guns and doing a proper job of it. It’s about Massaoke – karaoke ramped up to a million with a side order of amazing. A group sing-a-long featuring you and a cast of hundreds, taking on those lyrics you’ve known off by heart since the age of four, and tackling that key change as one big, happy screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs family. It’s about watching sassier than your average dancers on stage and live bands with a twist, and having the time of your life – where else can you see a ten piece brass band toot out Crazy In Love while you wheel out your best twerk? Spoiler alert: nowhere.

It’s like a wedding reception with all the annoying bits taken out: no bride and groom to keep happy, no dodging your plus-one and no £400 spend on a frock and overpriced toaster.

“It’s infectious and theatrical and rousing and makes you want to dance yourself silly

The Telegraph


Guilty Pleasures is like a huge party where everyone is the guest of honour – we cater for large groups & have party packages available for you if you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, and you can even have Guilty Pleasures come to you, and hire us for your event!

“One of London’s best parties. Don’t be guilty, indulge yourself”

Time Out

The musical baby of DJ Sean Rowley, Guilty Pleasures has been taking over the world, one pop song at a time, since 2004. Not afraid to profess his love for a great song and proclaim it from the metaphorical rooftops, Sean has built the Guilty Pleasures brand into the country’s biggest and most loved shoutout to the best night out, ever, and sticking it on repeat again and again.

“Guilty Pleasures is a putative global phenomenon

The Guardian

Guilty Pleasures hasn’t hidden its light under a bushel either, as the love for the night spreads far beyond these shores.  There’s been Guilty Pleasures pop outposts everywhere from Australia to Abu Dhabi, via some of the biggest festivals in the UK, like Glastonbury, Bestival and Latitude, with big big plans to sprinkle some of that GP magic further afield.

It’s been the force behind the Guilty Pleasures compilation albums, radio shows and even got on the telly. Not only that, their pop-filled DJing services have been requested by the likes of Take That and George Michael, who they opened for at Wembley.