Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Will Young: 5 reasons we love him

Mighty Hoopla is COMING! Sunday. 4th June. Victoria Park. Fancy it? You should!

In the run-up to our very own one-day festival like no other, we look at the acts topping the bill to remind everyone a) they they’re the best and b) how amazing they’ll be when they’re playing Mighty Hoopla. Yes!


He was the victorious underdog in the most important election the world has ever seen (Pop Idol, and yes it was), he sings like a dream and if you’ve got the time, he’s got the hits. He’s Will Young:

1. Leave Right Now

OK, so it’s a slow one, but who could ever pass up the opportunity of causing a massive scene at a private party? We’ve all done it.

2. Jealousy

It’s a banger

3. Winning Pop Idol


This was an iconic moment and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

4. Joy

A definite underrated tune which sees Will escape life as a dreary mannequin. Or something.

5. Light My Fire

Covering the Doors? And doing it loungecore-style?! You betcha. And Will had the chops to carry it off. Smooooooooth.

We’re not sure quite what Will be serving up at the Mighty Hoopla – except realness, which is pretty much guaranteed – on 4th June, as it ‘s all a huge surprise. But the only you can find out for yourself is be there! Lovely. Hurry!


Find out more about Mighty Hoopla and the rest of the lineup on 4th June.


Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Guilty Pleasures guide: 10 things that will happen at a festival

Grab your tents, dust off your wellies, and say goodbye to civilisation – it’s festival season. Whether you’re heading out for your first one, or you’re a veteran, you’re heading out for the time of your life.

But will any of these happen to you?

1. You share toilet horror stories with total strangers.

Buffy this is hell

2. You bond with someone over the availability and amazingness of wet wipes.

3. You let someone sit on your shoulders, but make them promise they’re wearing underwear and do NOT need to go to the loo.


4. That thing you weren’t sure whether to bring, so didn’t bring – you wish you’d brought it.


5. That thing you weren’t sure whether to bring, so DID bring – you never use it.
We’re looking at you, hairdryer.

6. You eat all the food and guzzle all the booze you brought in on the first night.

7. That £7 hotdog at 1am on the last day tastes better than anything you’ve ever eaten in your life.

hot dog 1am

(But it leads to your final toilet horror story.)

8. You find new appreciation for the back catalogue of the band you saw drunk, in the rain.

9. You pray you’re not that person who gets on the news for becoming stuck in the middle of the mud and losing a welly.

10. You come and join us at Guilty Pleasures!

guy points
Yes, you can totally do this! If you’re at Latitude next week, then drop in and see us – we’ll be there.
See what’s happening with Guilty Pleasures at Latitude

Don’t forget we’re back at KOKO on Saturday 30th July, too. Tickets, guest list and VIP packages still available  – we sell out every month, so don’t miss out!

stage shot purple wiggroup shot girls 01crowd girls hanging balcony
See what you've been missing at Guilty Pleasures


1a Camden High St
London NW1 7JE

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016




Latitude 2016 logo
We’re back at Latitude for 2016 and there’s still room for you!

Latitude isn’t just a music festival – it’s got theatre, comedy, cabaret, dance, more sheep than you can shake a stick at (although please don’t do that) and, best of all, we’ll be there!

Guilty Pleasures is upping sticks (again with these sticks) and decamping for one night only to beautiful Suffolk.

We’re bringing the full Guilty Pleasures experience to host the comedy arena on the Friday night (15th July)

They’ve given us the keys to the place from 10:30pm until 3am – what happens in between those hours is for us and you to know only. Suffice to say we’ll have our founder and award-winning DJ Sean Rowley at the helm of all the spectacular, and dare we say rather salacious, entertainment you’ve come to expect from the Guilty Pleasures family, including special guests the Lip Sinkers.

We’re going biiiiiiiig on this one – there’ll be a lot of you to keep happy. But don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.

Tickets are still available, and while you’re waiting for the pop explosion that is Guilty Pleasures, there are a few other acts worth seeing: New Order, Churches, M83, Miike Snow, The National. Ooh, loads. They’re bound to keep you busy.

Dancers 0112719588_10154087402345799_3137891754751972239_oIMAGE 01
Take a look at the Guilty Pleasures experience

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016



On stage dancers 04
We’re taking our Guilty Pleasures show on the road and pitching a tent right next to you at Glastonbury 2016! Let’s do this!

The most famous festival in the world? That’ll do!

Guilty Pleasures is taking over Williams Green once again this year at Glastonbury. On Friday 24th June, we’re championing all things planet pop for a little bit of home-from-home debauchery soundtracked by all the songs you never dreamed you’d get to her out loud again.

From 11pm–3am, our founder and award-winning DJ Sean Rowley will be spinning some spectacular music, plus we’ll have our very favourite performers from the Guilty Pleasures family along for the ride. It is not to be missed!

You can find us just a hop, skip and jump from the Pyramid Stage, so once you’ve watched Muse blow the place apart, come party with us!

One thing we know for sure is that you are not going to want to go back to your tent before the last song is played. Let’s stay up for ever. 👀

Clearly it’s all about us, but once you’ve torn yourselves away from us, you might also want to feast your eyes on Adele, ELO, Ellie Goulding, The 1975, Coldplay, Years & Years… need we go on?

Obviously because this is Glastonbury, tickets are long gone – but if you’re in the area, do pop in and we’ll pop you like you’ve never been popped before!

12778870_10153981843125799_3586826316010822614_oIMAGE 06IMAGE 01
Take a look at the Guilty Pleasures experience