Guilty Pleasures in January


Nobody does explosive clubbing and debauchery like Guilty Pleasures. We can make you feel like every night with us is the best night of your life.

Aside from the best party music lovingly spun by energetic DJs, we’ve got everything that adds up to this being London’s best party: Live Bands! Bedazzling dancers! Flamboyant Performers! Sing -A-Longs! Balloons! Lights! Glitter cannons! LED screens! Face painting!

Taking you through a musical journey of the ages with pop, indie, dance, disco, R&B and more there will be something for everyone.

Grab your advance £10 tickets now or email info@guiltypleasures for group bookings, guest list &/or queue jumps.




Guest list and VIP areas


Get yourself higher up on Santa’s list, or be treated like the star on top of the tree. Email info@guiltypleasures for your options.


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