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Monday, August 1st, 2011

Saturday’s KOKO pictures

Look here they are, pictures from the Aloha Hawaii beach party all ready for your eyes to look at.

We have even more photos on our Facebook page too – see they’re over here.

So go look at them all. You may as well. It’s too sunny to work.

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Climb aboard the Loveboat

Super Special Boat Trip for July Aloha Hawaii Party

Before our Aloha Hawaii Beach Party on Saturday 30th July, how about boating down the Thames in the evening sunshine to a top pop soundtrack from Guilty Pleasures’ Anna Greenwood? Sounds SPLENDID we think, so why not join us on the Guilty Pleasures Loveboat before the party?

Special ticket offer of just £20 for the boat trip AND entrance to KOKO. Why that’s like Christmas in July!

Climb aboard our pleasure boat on the Southbank at 8pm for a two-hour trip cruising up and down our glorious waterway before docking at 10.15pm and shimmying up to KOKO in Camden for the beach party bonanza!

Tickets limited to just 150 places so hurry hurry hurry – it’s available for ONE WEEK ONLY.

So book now for a spectacular Saturday summer night out courtesy of GP!

Saturday 30th July

MV Royalty Boat
Festival Pier

8.15pm – 10.15pm
* Arrive no later than 15mins before sailing time *


Monday, July 11th, 2011

Aloha! You look GREAT

That’s what we all want everyone to say to us at the Hawaii Beach Party on Saturday 30th at KOKO don’t we? Not, “oh, didn’t anyone say we were going out?” when you turn up in your trackie bottoms teamed with a greying white vest.

We want you to look your very best for our Aloha Hawaii party as we really care. Also, we have to look at you all night so do us a favour a shape up yeah?

We can help with this as we’ve got our good friends over at Escapade in Camden Town to give you a 10% discount on their beach party garb, so not only will you be fit for the ball / beach (beach ball?) but you will be making a saving too! SO KIND.

Have a look at what they’ve got on offer on their splendid site here then order away, quote ALOHA at the checkout and 10% off is thine. You’re welcome, no really, it’s fine.

Here’s a few picks to get you started, otherwise GO AND GET SHOPPING

Lei lady lei…

For those somewhat adverse to the whole dressing up thing, firstly stop being so boring. However, we know some of you don’t want to go the whole hog, but still want to be part of the party so how about a lei? It’s your basic level fancy dress and this one costs just £1.50, or £1.35 with your discount so you’re not even forking out loads to get in the island groove. It’s the ideal cheapskate / miserable soul’s accessory for the night. Go and get one and cheer up.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put you and I together…

According to the catalogue, this here get up is called Hawaiian Hunk. Really? How? Maybe a transformation occurs when you put it on. Perhaps this sexual magnetism is not relayed through a website and it’s only apparent in the flesh. At the moment it looks like a polyester migraine, but maybe when it’s on the title comes into play. Try it and see. What have you got to lose? (apart from £23.99 and maybe the respect of your friends, but you can always get new ones so it’s just the cash really. Oh try it, you’d only spend it on lager)

Standard regulation Hawaiian women’s underwear. FACT

This is what the women of Hawaii keep their chests encased within. A shell bra like the one above. However, this here bra is neither supportive nor made of actual shells so not actually fulfilling its job or title at all. BUT it might bag you a date as you stroll around KOKO with most of your top shelf on display so no bad thing really.

For other ideas, come to the Escapade site