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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Evening Standard have Bad Taste (review)

No no, they have EXCELLENT taste for they came along to KOKO on Saturday night and had a jolly good time so decided to tell everyone about it through the medium of words and indeed a review.

Read all about it right here

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Bad Taste Party Photos

A sold out KOKO packed full of people who wouldn’t be welcome in Aldi in their pyjamas, let alone Tesco.

Saturday’s Bad Taste party was brilliant. It’s true! Were you there? Did you dance on stage? Come and see all the photos in the gallery now. They’re worth checking out even if you weren’t there. The dressing up is beyond compare! Clearly you all have no class. Good work.

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Bad Taste from the world of pop culture

We’re having a Bad Taste Party at KOKO this Saturday 26th. You can get a ticket here . We already had a look at what Escapade had on offer for dress up, but what offerings are found amongst the world of pop culture?

Let’s waste no more time idly typing out words and instead gaze upon these tasteful offerings:

Christina Aguilara – muckiest pup in town

Looking like she smells of unkempt hair and week old knickers, X-tina thrusts her crotch at us in a desperate attempt to prove she’s top notch at doing in her chart topper Dirrty. The hair, the clothes the constant flashing of her downstairs is enough to make one want nothing more than to plunge her into a hot bad with plenty of de-louser. Not sure about dirty, grubby more like. Nurse, the dettol!

Bloodhound Gang. Don’t be fooled by the suits – they’ll still hump your leg

The frat boys of the late 90s and innuendo-laden musical offerings is their way. The track’s cover depicts two zebras copulating and is taken from the album “Hooray for Boobies”, so you can see what level we’re at here – base, juvenile, somewhat degrading, ergo BRILLIANT FUN. The video sees them dressed as giant monkey rats, capturing hot girls by shooting tranquilizers at them before running over a dwarf mime artist, They’ve certainly laid down the gauntlet – now do your worst!

Hitler. Big fan of kittens and unicorns (for his dinner)

Pol Pot liked skipping. Mugabe collects pressed flowers. Sadam Hussain made cakes. But, what of Hitler? What did he like? Well, as befitting to his kindly nature, he loved nothing more than walks through bluebell-carpeted woods on a bright spring day. What could be more befitting to an insane mass murdering loon ransacking terror across the world than the annual great hope of new life bursting through the grey winter? It’s a perfect match!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Get your fancy dress garb on a discount deal

Just like the Big Society, we’re spreading the wealth and joy throughout this nation. We’re just not going the whole hog and sacking people all over the shop without care. Perhaps we should run for government.

Part of our manifesto would be top notch dressing up costumes for one and all plus a special discount for Guilty Pleasures attendees.

Even though we’ve not been elected, with the best fancy dress shop in the world (both cyber and real) Escapade, we are delivering on our promises and offering 10% off to those looking for costumes to the Bad Taste Party at KOKO on Saturday 26th February. How splendid.

They’ve got so much stuff it’s crackers, but here are a few suitably stylish numbers to get you started:

How about a stereotypical hick who has fond feelings for farm animals?

Finally satisfy that special someone in your life, batteries not included

Are you a massive tit? Well this is perfect for you

To qualify for this offer, just quote BADTASTE at the checkout, or take a flyer into the store itself. See it’s so easy to keep the nation happy. David Cameron could learn a thing or two from us.