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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Pictures of your face (maybe)

Were you at our Manchester 4th Birthday party? Was that you snogging on the dancefloor at the end of the night? We very well may have caught you on camera – come see the photos of all Saturday’s action HERE

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Birthday Bonanza in Manchester

Manchester GP is four years old this week. Four glorious years of bringing the magic of pop to the capital of the North. London turned six in September but as its younger, slightly precocious yet charming sibling, Manchester has been embraced into the hearts of pop-loving souls in the city. Well, at least we like to think so.

Anyway, this Saturday is going to be a great big bleeding birthday party packed full of musical gifts for us all to share as we get ourselves wound up into a mildly hysterical state from too much excitement, e numbers and dancing around like a wally. Hooray! That’s what birthdays are all about.

Get a ticket here now! Quick! Hurry! As they’re selling fast and last month was a sell out. So get one snapped up as we want you at our party.

Sharing our birthday this week are some famous faces from, erm fame who we would invite down if we knew their address, but weirdly the post office isn’t giving us any help and keeps putting the phone down on us. Just imagine what the hell kid of party it would be if this lot rsvp’d:

Roy Wood from Wizzard. He’s 64, though you’d never know under all that slap

The Hulk aka Lou Ferrigino, now 59. His muscles are bigger than his HEAD

Potty-mouthed Chef Gordon Ramsay is 44

Bit of a testosterone heavy affair that. We need a gentle touch to bring the balance into touch. And what do we have here? Who turns 61 this week? Why it’s star of Hi-de-Hi and big glasses, Su Pollard!

Su-Po. Casual, shy, keeps herself to herself…

Imagine the scene now – Roy Wood terrifying the children with his face / hair; Gordon “effing” Ramsay trying to take on The Hulk in an arm wrestle and failing, then unleashing a torrent of spittle-flecked obscenities; and Su Pollard. Just being Su Pollard.

However, as it’s our collective birthdays it’s only fair we all do a turn and there’s nothing we’d like more for our birthday than Su performing the BeatlesBack in the USSR. Mock you may at the idea of that, but here is evidence to the contrary. It’s better than the original we think. Look at her tights! They win by themselves. Happy Birthday to you and indeed us all!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Famous faces sharing our birthday, but who’s best?

It’s our birthday on Saturday. We may have mentioned it. We’re having a great big party at KOKO and we’re going to have crisps and cake on the same plate, eat as many sweets as we can and then cry / vomit as a result of the indulgent gluttony. If you fancy joining us then buy a ticket! But hurry, we’re running out of advance tickets as it seems everyone wants to be at our party. Just how it goes when you’re the most popular kid at school. Tra la la.

Anyway, there are others celebrating their birthday’s with us this week. And we don’t mean regular people like Brenda from the shop or your Aunty Carol. No, we mean special people who are vastly superior to us normals as they’ve done something to get on the telly. That’s right, we’re talking FAMOUS FACES.

Today for example is the 61st birthday of both Sean Rowley impersonator Bruce Springsteen and former children’s tv presenter Floella Benjamin.

The Boss and Benjamin, F share their 61st birthdays today.

She’s got an OBE now AND a seat in the House of Lords. What’s the boss holding to rival that? Rugged good looks and a good line in the knee bend dance (see here for the classic example), but does he have a Caribbean soup and convenience meal range in ASDA? No, he does not. The Benjamin does. He may be one of the last great American songwriters, but she’s the President of the Ramblers association.

Therefore, we can deduce from this that Benjamin beats the Boss hands down in well everything. Soz Bruce, but you need to up your game. However we welcome you both with open arms to our party on Saturday. It’s just we might be a bit more excited about the Playaway lady being there than the King of the overbite singers. Thems the breaks Bruce.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

This Saturday, 25th September is our SIXTH birthday (SCREAM) and we are having an intergalactic celebration with our Lost in Space Sci-Fi spectacular. The more observant amongst you may have already picked up on this. Well done.

Musically, the universe and what other worldly life may exist out there in the endless black landscape has often been parodied for comic effect in song (we raise you one Star Trekkin’), but the Carpenters took their gentle melodies and harmonious stylings and applied them to their chart hit – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft – where they extended the arm of friendship across the galaxy to, well, whatever kindly aliens accepted the invitation.

A colossal 160 musicians and singers took part in this song. One hundred and sixty. Quite some feat / fantastic waste of money. The song was originally performed by a band called KLAATU, who sound hideously terrifying, like some sort of white power organisation. They were in fact a Canadian Beatles influenced prog rock band, but still the threat remains.

The song was subtitled “The Recognised Anthem of World Contact Day“, presumably in the hope that it would be adopted as the anthem for the event should another World Contact Day be held in the future. Sadly, there is no World Contact Day, but we think there should be. Maybe this is our fate, to make Saturday 25th September World Contact Day. Imagine! All sorts of species could land in their spacecraft on Camden High Street and come in and dance the night away to some top pop! You could get off with an alien! You could get PREGNANT! Now THAT would be a good story for the office on a Monday.

It sounds brilliant. We could make inter-species scientific history! That’s more than what most clubs offer of a Saturday night. Who’s game?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Lost In Space dressing up

Our sixth birthday party at KOKO is due for lift off soon (Saturday 25th – tickets HERE) and as always the key question is ‘What AM I going to wear?”. Well, fear not as we are here to help soothe your fashion woe with some ideas of suitably themed attire for the evening’s revelries.

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous Escapade in Camden to give you 10% off all space / sci-fi wear and the latest in robot fashion so you can pick up an outfit and save yourself some money. Hooray! All you need to do is go to the website – – pick your chosen costume and quote MILKY WAY at the check out and wardrobe crisis is duly averted. So get shopping!

The world of popular culture offers us a myriad of ideas too. Why look! Here’s a few right now:

We only had 14 hours to save the earth and Flash Gordon did it! Booming Brian Blessed and his wing-ed men! Terrible acting! Amazing costumes! Hot hail and other impossible weather conditions! AND Peter Duncan from Blue Peter! Flash Gordon had it all. Plus Queen did the music. Coo-wee. Flash was a American football quarterback turned intergalactic saviour. He’s a freaking hero. Something the adulterous footballers of today could possibly take note from…

Yeah yeah Alesha Dixon with the bump and flex, you may have taken Arlene’s chair on Strictly, but Mystique can’t even STEP to Arlene Philips and her legacy. She was the mastermind behind Hot Gusset the 80s, mixed sex dance troupe who set viewers pulses racing on Saturday tea time tv shows with their tight costume and rhythmic gyrations. A pre-Lloyd Webber’d teenage Sarah Brightman was the frontwoman on their chart sensation “I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper” thus again proving the point that Arlene is untouchable:

Ever wondered what it will really be like in the future? Michael J Fox promised us so much with the hoverboard and self-fastening hi top trainers in Back to the Future part II, but one doubts they’ll be making their scheduled appearance in five years time. Despite the mind boggling options the future could hold for us, Buck Rogers brings us a sobering realistic representation of the discos in space – Dad dancing still rules OK:

Xanadu. What in God’s name was it? Apart from a swingers club in Oldham, it is a greek / sci-fi fantasy film of questionable plot. Was it in the future? Is it in space? Who fricking cares! If we regard the simple formula of (Olivia Newton-John + rollerskates) x ELO soundtrack then clearly this equals A Very Good Thing Indeed. Amazingly the critics didn’t agree though, but screw what those guys think – LOOK AT THE COSTUMES AND DANCING. 5 stars