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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Manchester – Just look at yourselves

Pictures of Saturday’s party at the Deaf Institute are up and available for viewing right now. Its true! Go and see for yourselves

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Find me a Dreambear – THE FINAL

It’s here. The news the world has been waiting for – just who is the DreamBear Luke and Justin have been endlessly searching for?

Let’s not keep you in an anxious state any longer. For now we will reveal the winner of the most exciting competition this year involving performing bears and not the cruel kind.

Deep breath – here we go!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Find me a DreamBear – The search is over! (nearly)

After traipsing around this fair isle of ours on an endless quest for a special bear to fill the spare pair of dancing shoes in the DreamBear line up, we finally have our finalists.

Here they are making their debut performances with Justin and Luke in Brighton. But who will be the winner? Eek.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Guilty Pleasures on Jonathan Ross!

Well, nearly. Here’s a couple of pictures from the wrap party from a historical night in TV land. Oh what a night as Frankie Valli would sing. We miss Jonathan already!

Justin Dreambear makes his entrance

Luke DreamBear joins Justin on set/strong>

A wonky-eye-with-giddiness Anna and the charts’ Mark Ronson

L-R:Actual popstar, tragic wannabe popstar, no desire to be a popstar (or Mark Ronson, Anna Greenwood, Sean Rowley)

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Guilty Pleasures loves Jonathan Ross

It’s true. A love that has lasted for many years. One could say an endless love, if they were to speak in Lionel and Diana language. We are fluent in this amorous pop tongue, therefore we can confidently communicate said statement and with confidence after doing a turn at his wrap party at BBC TV centre last night. Ooh it isn’t half a good life sometimes.

We, Guilty Pleasures had this stupidly brilliant honour and took to the decks and stage to give the cast and crew of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross a glorious send off with a pop packed party after the final show featuring Jackie Chan, Mickey Rourke, Roxy Music and David Beckham.

Hello, I’m David Beckham. Try not to faint

Sean and Anna put on their best glad rags and kept the party in full swing and the DreamBears took to the stage with their new member to give their debut performance as a trio once more. (Psst the new member will be revealed this Sunday when the latest episode of Find Me A Dreambear lands online).

Not only all this but there was an added bonus of a dj interlude from actual pop star Mark Ronson which was a most welcome moment from an ace dj / musician / musical clever clogs with lovely hair. He really does. Not as good as Jonathan’s though, but that’s only because it’s a very luxurious mane for a man of advancing years. Same school of hair as Daryl Hall. These are rare specimens.

Example 1: Ronson, M
Example 2: Hall, D

Shame it was such a sad occasion for the party, but then at least all those self-righteous, meddling, idiots of middle England who like nothing more than to go around spouting dramatic outrage at anything the gutter press points them towards without any first hand experience can sleep soundly in their beds knowing that their petty victory has triumphed. We hope all the carp die in your ponds and your hanging baskets fall on your heads.

Death by Daily Mail

We’ve got pictures of us on the set larking about to come, but in the meantime, here’s a visual amuse bouche to get you in the mood: petit gateau de Jonathan. Delicieux!

Cakey Ross