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Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Hot Gusset & Charlyne Yi – Part two – The SHOW

Here’s the latest instalment from the Charlyne Yi / Hot Gusset mutual appreciation society from last Saturday night when Charlyne took to the Guilty Pleasures stage live at Edinburgh Fringe.

Final shows in Edinburgh are tonight and tomorrow, with our last whirl around the spiegeltent this Saturday night, 28th August. So if you want the rest of your fest to go with a bang, then get yourself to GP at Princes Street Gardens quick smart. Tickets HERE.

But before all that, here’s something to get you in the mood. Prepare yourselves dear reader:

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Hot Gusset’s new member

No, it’s not a euphemism or anything untoward. Those lovely young spangly men who are the lightening flash of euphoric energy in our little Edinburgh bash, Hot Gusset, have been strolling about the streets casually attired making friends with people they meet. That was nearly a rhyme.

Hot Gusset – shy and retiring

Anyway, they encountered the lovely Charlyne Yi, comic, actress, singer, musician (and let’s say model as well while we’re on a roll) who has been trying her best to make friends with the people of Edinburgh too. What luck that they met AND there was a camera to document it all! Almost like it was planned.

Charlyne Yi – she just wants to be your friend

As they hit off so well, Charlyne joined Hot Gusset on stage at Guilty Pleasures in Edinburgh at last night’s pop out! Video of all that palaver coming soon, but for now, here’s what happened when this beautiful encounter first began:

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Confessions from a dancefloor

Father Oates returns to Edinburgh this weekend after some important church duties last week involving a former priest of the parish and a naive choirboy. All cleared up now of course.

He’ll be back in his booth to take confession from the people of Edinburgh, offering them words of wisdom and penance in the form of Holy Wine.

Here’s a few confessions from the dancefloor from our first week in Scotland. If this inspires you to unburden yourself of guilty thoughts and indeed pleasures, then come down to Assembly@Princes Street Gardens, this weekend, Thursday – Sunday and we can help heal the pain. 11.30pm start and tickets are right here.

Father Oates writes:

Rolf Harris: a source of family strife

A lady came to my booth, to explain a recent problem with her Mother involving a trip to Glastonbury. Her mother was very excited about the weekend and more importantly about seeing Rolf Harris. In the way down in the car,all that was played upon their stereo was Rolf Harris. When they got to the site, again Rolf resumed his role as soundtrack to the weekend as it was played it non stop in the tent. If that wasn’t enough then they went to see him on stage. The lady was understandably somewhat on her nerves at this point, understandably as there really is so much Rolf a person can take and when he played ‘Two Little Boys’ the daughter, my confessor, inexplicably burst into tears and cried all the way through the song. She continued to cry through ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport’ sung to the tune of the American National Anthem and only stopped when Rolf launched into ‘Watlzing Matilda’. It wasn’t quite the weekend she’d planned.

Victim of a cruel bike-and-run?

Another woman came to me to confess to an incident of murder. Whilst in Tahiti, she had accidentally run over a dog on her bicycle. Frightened to stop she cycled off and has felt terribly guilty ever since about it. The hit and run of a dog on a bike. Shame on her. But she has done the right thing in coming clean.

Jason Byrne: Hair hatred

Some of the staff at Assembly are sinners and a few came to me confessing to murderous thoughts about Festival comedians, Jason Byrne was one of them and when I asked one of the women why she wanted to murder him, she said that it was his hair. She had a genuine phobia/hatred of his ‘greasy, tangled, red/blonde hair’. One must learn to overlook the hair and embrace the person. Man cannot share this earth harmoniously if we hold prejudices against the way one looks.

Miley Cyrus: popular confession in Edinburgh

I had a lot of Miley Cyrus musical appreciation which I’ve never had in our regular parish of KOKO and I found worrying. Although I don’t really know her music, I think the image she presents to the young girls of this world is troublesome.

Watermelon: not to be used as a fake pregnancy prop

A group of confessors came to own up to stealing a watermelon from Morrisons. It seemed to be quite an involved group effort but culminated in one of the women putting it up her jumper and pretending to be pregnant. The miracle of birth should not be disgraced by the shameful act of stealing. I instructed them to three Hail Mary’s and a volunteer shift a Morrisons for the night.

Duncan James: Father Oates struggles to show love to him

A female confessor had a thing about Duncan from Blue. Amorous thoughts and general illicit feelings. I found it very difficult to give a balanced, rational response as he is one of the few people that I have a totally irrational phobia/hatred of. I know one shouldn’t hold such grudges, more so as a man of the cloth, but despite my lecturing of the Assembly staff on seeing the inner beauty of a person beyond the hair, I sadly cannot bring myself to do this here. It’s less about his hair (although his hair is disgusting) but more his face and the ridiculously pathetic way he moves. I will be visiting the bishop to see how I can resolve this quandary and see Duncan for the good man he must be.

I look forward to welcoming you to my booth this weekend and saving the people of Edinburgh from sin once more.

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Hot Gusset’s Edinburgh

Show review from last night’s (Saturday 14th August) Edinburgh party from the gaggle of glittery gorgeousness that is Hot Gusset:

Hot Gusset on stage in Edinburgh

HOT GUSSET completed another whamtastic night of Guilty Pleasures fun with the gorgeous DJ Anna on the decks. It was Saturday night and everyone had turned out to well and truly let their hair down.

Hot Gusset stormed through dance numbers Wild Boys ,a fabulous nod to Duran Duran, Pointer Sisters’s Jump, then with a blaze of flutter fetti, a stonking bonking strutt through Highway To Hell the boys ran around with the crowd doing a naughty conga. By the final wave off of the night the boys were still ready to party.

So with a swish of lip gloss they headed for the streets of Edinburgh and into the bosom of the city they found Hot Gusset boys and girls just aching for a hug! Some of the public offered a little bit more love than was strictly legal on a Scottish street, but true to form Hot Gusset’s gussets stayed dry if still scorching all night long!

The boys will be back with more stage shenanigans and nocturnal happenings tonight and the rest of the festival. Come check them out!

How the dressing room carpet looks post gig (plus a couple of Hot Gusset knees). We try to be tidy, just can’t stop the sparkle!

No, they’re not exotic animals, they’re the HG wigs!

A few essentials for that signature Hot Gusset look. Can be found in all good pound shops and craft suppliers.

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Where to find Guilty Pleasures this weekend

Where on earth is GP this weekend? (mainly in the country in the top left, but you know, it looks good)

This weekend you can find Guilty Pleasures at several wonderful places in this our fair globe, so there could be a party happening very near you if you’re in need of a pop fix.

Edinburgh castle – the background to our pop spectacle

First stop – Edinburgh and the glorious Edinburgh Fringe. Guilty Pleasures is putting the hours in this weekend, with four parties happening at the Assembly@Princes Street Gardens, the world’s most beautiful spiegeltent in the shadow of the castle. Thursday night (tonight!) we’re getting all nautical to launch our second weekend of the good ship GP docked here in the capital of Scotland, before taking over the tent Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.30pm. It’s going to be a SCREAM. Tickets here – get them quick!

Manchester Arndale, a architectural delight.

Manchester has it’s very own poptastic monthly excursion happening on Saturday 14th as the Deaf Institute once again becomes the centre of musical excellence (or something) for the evening as the marvellous music factor is turned up to 11 with Guilty Pleasures. It all starts at 10pm for five dizzy hours of dancing delight. Get your tickets here for that magical pop music.

Goodwood House – it’s dead swanky

Finally, the Vintage at Goodwood Festival is taking place at, er, Goodwood on Goodwood Street, Goodwood Town, Goodwood land (or here if you want facts instead of stupidity). Instead of the usual horse / car racing / tipsy ladies in high street fascinators that comes from this here location, this weekend will see it transformed for this wonderful celebration of the fashion, music and culture of the olden days and yore. Or the past 50 years, which still qualifies as yore to us.

Guilty Pleasures will be bringing the party and playing some specially themed music for this wonderful festival, on the Sunday day and on the Saturday night when we’ll be warming up for the FACES! Yes, we know! Tres exciting. But they won’t be fronted by this guy:

But this one

Yes, Mick Hucknall the face of the Faces, not Rod. For now. Regardless, we think it will be a brilliant weekend with plenty of marvellous things to do. Day and weekend tickets still available here!

So there you go. Hopefully you’ll be able to come along to one of our many parties this weekend for a whirl around the dancefloor / grass / tent to our special blend of non-stop pop!