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Monday, October 10th, 2011

Manchester Wigs on parade

Hot Gusset: Wigs on their heads and between their legs

Saturday’s party pictures from our new home of the Ruby Lounge are up and in your hair in the gallery now.

Some people didn’t wear a wig, but they did their hair nice, so that’s good. You can go and look if you like. It’s better than doing work.


Monday, July 25th, 2011

Watch out EdFringe – Guilty Pleasures is BACK!

That’s right. After a storming August 2010 where GP reigned supreme in the beautiful Speigeltent that was Assembly@Princess Street Gardens, we return with a triumphant one off party for Ed Fringe 2011 as frankly we’re having terrible withdrawal symptoms and are craving the chaos that is the greatest arts festival in this here universe.

Full details to come soon, but tickets are available right NOW for you to buy.

The party takes place at HMV Picturehouse on Saturday 27th August so after three and a half weeks of wind, rain, colds, people shoving flyers in your face, taking your car parking spot outside your house and being sick in the front garden, you can throw caution to the wind, kick up your heels and have yourself a whale of a time!

What could be better? We are already planning the outfits and picking the tracks to get Edinburgh in a pop-fuelled fury – come join us!



Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Coo, what a Hot Gusset!

Don’t worry. We’re not being vulgar.

We don’t mean knickers, we mean three strapping dancing boys who go by the name of Hot Gusset. They look like this:

You know, pretty casual. When they dance, it’s a bit like this:

They’ve put together a little movie montage of all their greatest hits (with multiple costume changes that would put OSCAR hosts to SHAME) and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Prepare your eyes dear friends, for they are set to goggle like billy-o. What the hell billy-o is who knows, but soon ye shall see. Behold!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Hot Gusset & Charlyne Yi – Part two – The SHOW

Here’s the latest instalment from the Charlyne Yi / Hot Gusset mutual appreciation society from last Saturday night when Charlyne took to the Guilty Pleasures stage live at Edinburgh Fringe.

Final shows in Edinburgh are tonight and tomorrow, with our last whirl around the spiegeltent this Saturday night, 28th August. So if you want the rest of your fest to go with a bang, then get yourself to GP at Princes Street Gardens quick smart. Tickets HERE.

But before all that, here’s something to get you in the mood. Prepare yourselves dear reader:

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Hot Gusset’s new member

No, it’s not a euphemism or anything untoward. Those lovely young spangly men who are the lightening flash of euphoric energy in our little Edinburgh bash, Hot Gusset, have been strolling about the streets casually attired making friends with people they meet. That was nearly a rhyme.

Hot Gusset – shy and retiring

Anyway, they encountered the lovely Charlyne Yi, comic, actress, singer, musician (and let’s say model as well while we’re on a roll) who has been trying her best to make friends with the people of Edinburgh too. What luck that they met AND there was a camera to document it all! Almost like it was planned.

Charlyne Yi – she just wants to be your friend

As they hit off so well, Charlyne joined Hot Gusset on stage at Guilty Pleasures in Edinburgh at last night’s pop out! Video of all that palaver coming soon, but for now, here’s what happened when this beautiful encounter first began: