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Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Brighton, would you just look at yourselves

Hot Gusset at Concorde 2 – what a shower

Saturday’s top pop packed party pictures are all up and ready for their close up over in the photo gallery.

Were you there? Are you the man in the harlequin catsuit? Bravo if so.


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

TOTP dance off – Pans People vs. Legs & co

Oh Top of the Pops, why aren’t you with us anymore? Yes we know you crop up on Christmas Day and that, but it’s simply not enough. We need weekly pop performances from our chart stars, not just endlessly looping video music channels. Videos are all very well and good, but it’s not the same as the live performance / miming. We need both! Oh TOTP, we miss you!

It always looked like so much fun in that Radio One Roadshow way that John Peel hated so much. Despite his appearance on the show, he never really threw himself into it. Japing about with fellow co-workers with tidy beards in loud clothing whilst larking with teenagers ’twas not the way for Peel. It was for this lot though, behold:

Look how smart ad well turned out Noel is. That’s what we want from our telly heads.

Simon Bates and Bruno Brooks in happier times. Nice sweater Bruno.

DLT and Savile. It’s like a massive bear strangling a child with a crippling ageing disease. It could be considered cruelty.

We are honouring the good name of the Pops at our Guilty Pleasures parties this month. Manchester was last week, Brighton is this Saturday 12th and KOKO on Saturday 26th. It’s all because we have a new GP album coming out and we’re dreaming of chart fame. SIGH.

The dance troupes were always our favourites though, that’s pretty much why we have our army of twinkle-toed and bodied types whirling around at our discos as we try and replicate the wonder of the best telly show ever for you our pop loving crowd.

TOTP had various types over the years.

Pans People obviously the iconic first batch who set the precedent, then came

Legs & Co who were well, a bit like Pans People but without the charming innocence before Arelene Philips corrupted some of them, made them get all racy with MEN would you believe, as part of her Hot Gossip troupe.

Hot Gossip. Tea time raunch.

But who was the best? PP or L&C? Who’s interpretational dance routines to chart smashers reigned supreme? There’s only one way to decide… FIGHT

Legs & Co / Donna Summer:

Pans People / Gilbert O’Sullivan:

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

TOTP Fancy dress options

In light of our Guilty Pleasures double CD album being released on March 21st – read all about it here – we’re making the month of March our chart tinged special with TOTP parties going on at all GP gigs – check the listing and see where your nearest party is.

This means we can act like pop stars and presents of the much missed show for the night by dressing up in their clothes. Ok, not their exact clothes (unless you have them already / are them etc) but clothing in their own signature style.

So, bra and pants for Gaga, your big sister’s boots from the 70s for Slade and a load of fags, booze, matted hair and possible typhoid infection* for Winehouse. You get the idea.

But for those who don’t own the clothes of their much beloved star, then help is on hand! We have once more teamed up with the fabulous Escapade Fancy Dress shop of Camden and the internet to bring you a 10% saving on pop star fashions. How pop-tabulous!

They’ve got a whole host of brilliant get ups for you to purchase all with 10% off! Just quote TOTP in store or at the online checkout and a top notch outfit at a purse friendly price is yours. Hooray!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Madonna! From the 90s! With pointy knockers!

Wait, stop! HAMMER TIME.

Got a hideous long tongue? BE Gene Simmons! You can even buy his slap as well.


* GP lawyers say: Amy Winehouse does not have typhoid. It’s a joke. A silly one.