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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Christmas Cinema Party!

Happy F***ing Christmas

London’s legendary pop party teams up with Time Out Live and MGM HD for this epic Santa–shaped shindig at the beautiful art deco Troxy Cinema. Take your seats from 8.30pm for a screening of the classic Christmas comedy movie Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. Suitably seasonal food and drink served through out. After the film, The Troxy will be transformed into the best party ever! That means, a bombastic, hedonistic, heart-pounding, super disco hosted by Sean Rowley with djs and performers to make you go dizzy with glee!. There’s also a (Bad) Santa’s grotto plus fancy dress competitions , cabaret and photo booths, all with enough festive cheer to fell all the elves in Lapland.

After our debut into the world of the silver screen back in August with the Guilty Pleasures Cinema Party where we screened Madonna’s Desperately Seeking Susan and partied like it was 1985, we had so much fun we thought we’d do it all over again. But with added tinsel, eggnog and Christmas magic.

On Saturday 15th December in collaboration with Time Out Live and MGM HD, London’s decadent Troxy Cinema will be throwing its doors open to GP merry makers for the second cinematic outings at the Guilty Pleasures Christmas Cinema Party where we’ll be raising a cup of seasonal cheer for the Christmas cracker that is Bad Santa!

Yes, that potty-mouthed, badly behaved, perma-booze-breathed characterisation of Christmas gone DRUNK WRONG and Billy Bob Thornton’s finest moment will be the big screen action and cue to our debauched party of festive fun!

As well as the film, we’ve got a whole night of seasonal silliness planned with suitably indulgent food and drink, cabaret capers from The Lipsinkers and djs & hosts Sean Rowley and Anna Greenwood all putting the bang in your cracker setting you up for a ding dong of a do!


If you fancy making a real night of it and bringing your friends or family or work mates or ALL then we’ve got group tickets and packages where you can have your own space at the party and make the most of the evening’s revelries. Email and she can fill you in with facts galore and book you in to the party in super style.

FInally, it wouldn’t be a GP party if we didn’t dress up, so feel free to come dressed as relatives of the Claus clan, or elves, angels, puddings etc, or just mummifying yourself in a job lot of tinsel – all seasonally affected carol singing calamities welcome!

So come all ye faithful and let’s get rocking around the Christmas tree and have ourselves a (bau)ball!


Monday, August 13th, 2012

Desperately Seeking DISCO

So as you know, we’re having a party next week. Not just any old party with some people you didn’t really want to see, a plate of soggy sausage rolls and some pound shop balloons. HELL NO. More a cinematic spectacular full of glitz, glamma, razzle-dazzle and MADONNA on Saturday 25th August at London’s glorious Troxy!

It’s the very first cinema party from GP and we are rolling out the red carpet to salute the star of the party: Desperately Seeking Susan.

The film takes centre stage as performers, djs, dancers and more take the stage in turn to dazzle, wow and excite you until you simply cannot take it any more and unleash yourself on the dancefloor and disco dance yourself daft until morning.

So what to expect? Well for those that haven’t seen the film, you’re in for a treat. It’s Madonna’s debut on the silver screen and she doesn’t disappoint. She doesn’t exactly act either, but we don’t expect that. We want her to be sassy, wear brilliant outfits, be a bit cocky, dance a bit and just be MADONNA please.

That’s good. Keep doing that.

Besides, there’s a stand out support cast of acting excellence around her. None more so than from her co-support, Rosanna Arquette as Roberta. She goes from comfortable-but bored surburban housewife married to Gary Glass, a hot tub salesman.

Roberta and Gary in happier times.

Then after an obsession with the personal ads featuring a romance between Madonna’s Susan and her boyfriend, she goes to track down Susan in New York, but after spying her going into a shop to buy some boots, she winds up with Susan’s jacket, getting a knock on the head and then winds up thinking she is Susan.

Don’t look at the boots Roberta! That way lies head-knack and amnesia!

Oh too late. But we must say you do look better.

From then on a great big mess of jewel theifery, attempted murder, mega confusion, amateur detective play, terrible stints at being a magician’s assistant and DANCING. Just a regular Saturday night then.

So how will we be bringing this to life? In an all out multi sensory extravganza! We have food! We have drinks! We have visual delight! We have dressing up! We have it ALL!

We’ve got much tastier food on offer so you don’t need to just eat Cheez Doodles. Although they are nice

Before the film, you will be invited to take your seats (email to find out how to reserve a table for your group) for the pre show warm up. A bit like the Superbowl show you get in America. Like Madonna did this year. Oh WHAT a coincidence!

Said pre-film show will be a somewhat uproarious, but ultimately AMAZING show featuring some of London’s premier cabaret stars dressed as multi Madonna’s, in a catwalking, musical celebration Madonna OFF where the winning Madonna will be crowned the Queen of Madonna’s for the night. But which one will take the top prize?

Will it be Like a Virgin Madonna?

Pointy-knockered Blonde Ambition Madonna?

Gothic, spiritual Madonna?

Leotard-clad, flicky hair disco Madonna?

Or raunchy, sauce-pot Madonna?

We’ll find out on the night. But one thing’s for sure, it won’t be this one:

Boring U rated Madonna

You can dress yourself up in (my love) the 80s dressing up trash box and get that New York 1985 vibe by wearing all your clothes at once as long as they’re made of lace, net, or are stretchy, puffy, flouncy and your hair is backcombed and dried-out from over dye.

If it’s all getting too much and you need to turn to God – not unlike the good lady herself – then fear not for Father Oates will be on hand to take your confession, send you back on the road to spiritual salvation via his wise words and penance of Holy Vodka. Just don’t try and mount him a la Madge. He is a man of the cloth and should not be lead into temptation!

No humping in the booth! Jesus is watching!

Then watch the Troxy transform into Danceteria as djs Sean Rowley and Anna Greenwood play out the party in a mega discotheque of brilliance of all your favourite GP hits with an NYC 80s vibe.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and get Into The Groove!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Win! Sky+ HD Box! Time Out Live Golden Ticket! GP Guestlist! WOW!

Vote! Vote! VOTE for GP! Prizes galore up for grabs!

As part of our venture into the world of film with the Guilty Pleasures Cinema PartyREAD ABOUT IT HERE – alongside our ace collaborators, Time Out Live and MGM HD, we’re setting about a colossal poll to find out the nation’s number one Guilty Pleasure Film.

We’ve all got one. We all pretend that Citizen Kane is our favourite film ever, or The Godfather Party II, you know because we value excellent feats of cinematic and directional skill. But it’s really Weekend at Bernie’s or Dirty Dancing isn’t it, because it makes us laugh / we know all the words / nobody puts Baby in the corner etc ? Come on tell the truth. It is isn’t it? Yeah thought so.

This is your favourite film isn’t it? It’s ok, we don’t judge – it’s one of ours too.

Well good, because that’s what we want to hear. We want you to vote for your favourite Guilty Pleasure Film of all timestep this way and vote NOW!

Not only will you be making history (well, of sorts…) by participating, but you will automatically be entered into the grand competition (yes, GRAND) to win all manner of amazing prizes*, just by telling the truth and casting your vote! Sounds good doesn’t it? Well check out the prizes on offer:

Win Sky HD TV Package including MGM HD!
One Lucky winner will receive a Sky Package.
The package includes:
1 x Sky+HD Box and a free standard installation provided by Sky.
1 x year’s subscription to Sky+HD and Sky’s top entertainment package (Sky World).

A ‘Golden Ticket’ to Time Out Live shows!
See comedy, cabaret, film, clubbing and restaurant events – on us!

One years free guestlist for you and a friend to Guilty Pleasures parties!

And a whole load of GLORY. (That’s just de rigeur with prize winning, but still worthy of note). One winner picked at random will get all that to keep them entertained for more hours than they can stay awake for. It’s the best prize we’ve ever seen! We want to win it! We can’t – so win it instead!

So what are you waiting for?

Read more on the Guilty Pleasures Cinema Party here – taking place at the Troxy, Saturday 25th August.

*Subject to terms and conditions (please see here for further details)

Poll closes midnight Sunday 2nd September 2012